Case Study:


Satcom Case Study


In satellite communications, radio signals typically transmitted by a ground antenna pointed at space are relayed by satellites orbiting high above our atmosphere and received in locations across the globe back on earth. A rise in applications taking advantage of the low cost and high signal bandwidth availability of LEO satellite constellations are shaping the demands of antenna pointing systems.

Satcom-at-sea devices, automated APSs (Antenna Pointing Systems), are compact and lightweight pointing systems mounted into VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals) aboard maritime vessels. When placed in wet environments, such systems are susceptible to motion induced antenna pointing errors, and require stabilized control of servo driven azimuth and elevation axes.


The Celera Motion Ultra IncOders™ Series are high-accuracy, inductive, rotary position encoders for tough conditions. Each unit is pre-calibrated enabling sensor accuracies down to ≤19 arc-seconds, with resolutions up to 22-bits, at modest installation tolerances.

Using similar rugged and reliable electromagnetic induction sensing principles as resolvers, but replacing bulky coil windings with PCB conductive traces, it enables a low-profile sensor design with a large through hole.

The Benefit

Ultra IncOders enable high pointing accuracies and high-resolution ranges in maritime VSAT antennas. The low-profile form factor enables more compact and lighter antenna systems. The large through hole design gives space for associated cables, shafts and bearings to be installed around the device.

Boasting MIL standard vibration and shock performance, the housed and potted PCB sensor design is optimized for resilience against temperature changes, EM noise, as well as wet and dusty environments. The Ultra IncOder is perfectly suited for integration into azimuth and elevation actuated axes under modest installation tolerances.


Dimensions (OD) 75 to 300 mm
Resolution 22 bits
Accuracy ≤19 arc-seconds
Operating Temperature  
Standard -45°C to +85°C
Low Temperature Supply -60°C to +85°C
High Temperature Supply -45°C to +105°C
Housing IP68
Shock and Vibration MIL-STD-810G
(see product guide for further details)

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