Liquid Level Sensors

Gill is a world leader in capacitive, solid-state liquid level sensing technology. With no moving parts to break or wear out, Gill liquid level sensors offer unmatched long term reliability in a variety of harsh environments.

Most Gill capacitive level sensors are suitable with a wide range of fluids including fuel, oil, water, coolant, bio-fuel and other liquid types. Compact, lightweight and robust, Gill liquid level sensors are used in an extremely wide range of applications including premier motorsport series, defense & unmanned vehicles, marine vessels, mining and industrial machinery.

Liquid Level Sensors

Liquid Level Sensors

A Comparison of LVIT & LVDT- Which Linear Sensor is Best?

With the increasing sophistication of electronic controls for mechanical systems, there is more demand for durable, accurate and easy to use displacement sensors. As automation becomes more common there is also an increasing sensitivity to price. Customers also want sensors that can be easily connected and mechanically integrated.

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