Everight Position is dedicated to helping customers find the best solution for their positioning needs.

Our Industry Leading Options

Gill Sensors and Controls manufactures high-end liquid level sensors for use in motorsports, chemical plants, water/wastewater and other applications.

Micronor’s fiber-optic based rotary encoders offer unique characteristics for challenging environments. Inherently safe due to fiber options, they can be used in hazardous environments such as explosive and high voltage. Metallic-free options are available for MRI environments.

Netzer Precision’s Electric Encoder has been the industry leading capacitive based rotary encoder for two decades. Light weight, compact, low latency and high accuracy combine to put Netzer in a league of its own. New variations such as the VLP and VLH make Netzer an option for military applications and large scale OEM’s alike.

Opkon potentiometers and linear sensors combine reliable sensing at an economic price. With a broad number of mechanical housings available, Opkon sensors are easy to adapt to new and exsisting designs alike.

Tracing its origins to 1918, POSITAL has a long history in the sensor business. Offering rotary encoders, linear drawwire and contact-measuring wheels and inclinometers along with custom design services for small projects and OEM’s, POSITAL will work with you to find or create the solution for your sensing needs.

Positek’s inductive technology combines the robustness and performance of an LVDT with a simple analog output interface and a reduced form factor. Available in linear, rotary and tilt sensors, some Positek sensors are also rated by ATEX and CSA for hazardous environments.

Trumeter offers local display options as well as remote ‘cloud’ based monitoring for sensor and process control. Unlike other in the market who require a 3rd party programmer and expensive monthly cellular fees, Trumeter offers easy to use interfaces all at a very reasonable cost.

Zettlex (Celera Motion) offers robust inductive based rotary encoders. As an alternative for traditional resolvers, Zettlex ‘IncOders’ offer a much more compact form factor as well as common industry communication protocols.