Linear Sensors

Linear sensors come in all different shapes and sizes and at Everight we are here to help navigate through the seemingly overwhelming number of options. Whether you are measuring fractions of an inch or hundreds of feet, Everight offers a unique variety of LVIT’s, potentiometers, draw wires and contact measuring wheels.

Each can be specified to a given application to ensure proper mechanical fit and easy integration into electrical control systems.


Robust with submersible and hazardous environment options for up to 1 meter measurements


Ideal for long, repeatable measurements, up to 50′

Measuring Wheel

Ideal for continuous travel, such as manufacturing, packaging, etc


An industry classic, low cost, repeatable measurement

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NASA Lunabotics Challenge

Nearly fifty University Teams recently gathered in Florida for the NASA Lunabotics Challenge. The robots are tasked with driving, digging, and depositing regolith—the fragmented rock material that covers the moon’s surface—in a lunar simulant. Beyond robotics and mechatronics, the program teaches team work, project management and industry collaboration.

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PIPS Positek Inductive Position Sensing Technology

With the increasing sophistication of electronic controls for mechanical systems to provide both accuracy and flexibility of control, there is more demand for durable, accurate and easy to use displacement sensors. Customers are increasingly concerned about reliability, durability and the associated replacement costs of sensors. They also want sensors that can be easily connected and mounted.

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