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Everight Position: Elevating Solutions Beyond Distribution

The In this dynamic landscape of technology and industrial solutions, Everight Position stands out not just as a distributor but as a strategic partner in your journey towards innovation and problem-solving. Let’s delve into the broader perspective of Everight, an entity that transcends the conventional role of a distributor.

Everight’s Broader Horizon:

Everight is more than a mere Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) selling products; it is a versatile distributor, ready to explore beyond its product lines. With an extensive network and the ability to source from various suppliers, Everight ensures that even if a specific product is not within its immediate catalog, solutions are just a call away. For instance, a recent interaction on LinkedIn led to discovering a potential collaboration in the realm of time-of-flight technology, showcasing Everight’s commitment to exploring new frontiers.

Brand Awareness and Solution-Driven Approach:

Looking ahead, Everight aims to redefine its brand identity. It’s not just about being known for sensors; it’s about being recognized as a reliable entity to turn to when seeking direction or solutions. The emphasis is on brand awareness that transcends products, positioning Everight as a go-to resource for navigating challenges.

Navigating Obsolescence:

A standout feature of Everight is its unique positioning to tackle obsolescence challenges. The company’s diverse network allows for dual-sourcing and custom solutions. The ability to adapt and find alternatives is a story not often told in the industry, but it’s one that sets Everight apart.

The Everight Journey:

Everight’s roots trace back to its origins in 2008. Originally a split from the founders’ differing visions, Everight emerged with George and Len at the helm. George, with a background in business law and a family history in commercial real estate, brought a unique systems engineering mindset, while Len, with a nuclear physics background, added technical depth. This dynamic duo laid the foundation for Everight as it stands today, incorporating diverse expertise.

Jarrod’s Involvement and the Shift to Everight:

Jarrod’s entry into the Everight narrative began in 2011 when he joined POSITAL, a distributor for Everight. In 2016, he transitioned to Everight, a move prompted by the company’s growth and the need for additional expertise. Jarrod’s unique position allowed him to witness the intersection of increasing business demands and Len’s partial retirement, prompting the recruitment of new talent. Jarrod’s journey from the manufacturing side to distribution reflects the ever-evolving nature of Everight.

Insights from Both Sides:

Drawing from his experiences on both the manufacturing and distribution sides, Jarrod provides valuable insights. As a distributor, he has a keen understanding of manufacturing costs, allowing him to guide clients effectively. Everight’s role as a distributor offers flexibility in steering clients towards solutions that truly align with their needs, avoiding the need to force ill-fitting products.

Client-Centric Approach:

In the world of Everight, client interactions are diverse and intriguing. From steering sensors in robotic floor scrubbers found in major retail chains to revolutionizing the manufacturing process for corrugated boxes, Everight is at the forefront of problem-solving. The subsea industry, with its unique demands and growing significance, has also become a key focus for Everight.

Everight’s Global Reach:

While Everight primarily operates in the United States, it extends its reach to Canada and Mexico. The company keeps a pulse on global trends, ensuring its adaptability to emerging markets and opportunities.

Industry Focus and Emerging Trends:

Everight is deeply entrenched in industries such as defense, industrial automation, medical robotics, aerospace, and subsea exploration. Jarrod expresses particular enthusiasm for the burgeoning field of medical robotics, where Everight plays a pivotal role.

Addressing Concerns and Why Everight:

As Everight navigates the intricate landscape of industrial solutions, there’s a persistent question – why choose Everight over a direct manufacturer? The answer lies in Everight’s role as a distributor, allowing for a more agile approach. With a broader portfolio, Everight is positioned to provide tailored solutions without the constraints of a single OEM’s product line. The focus is on providing value, steering clear of the one-size-fits-all approach often associated with manufacturers.

The Everight Promise

Everight’s journey is one of evolution and adaptability. From its unique beginnings to its present-day prominence, Everight stands as a beacon in the industrial landscape. As the company redefines brand awareness, navigates challenges like obsolescence, and expands its reach, it remains committed to being more than a distributor – Everight Position is your strategic partner in innovation.

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