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Everight Position: Leading the Way in Hazardous Environment Solutions

Everight Position provides rotary encoders, linear and tilt solutions tailored for hazardous environments. With our focus on customer well-being and reliability, we’re committed to equipping industries with sensors that are compliant to regulatory requirements.

Expanding Product Portfolio

We’re constantly enhancing our product range to align with the dynamic needs of various industries. Our recent introduction comprises an innovative series of UL Class I Division 2 certified products. These thoughtfully designed rotary encoders are tailored to fulfill the exacting standards mandated for hazardous environments, with a specific focus on meeting the demands of the North American market. Characterized by thoughtful design and comprehensive adherence to industry benchmarks, they assure reliable performance in challenging conditions.

Among our product lineup, we feature sensors equipped with a diverse array of communication interfaces, including state-of-the-art Ethernet-based connections, ensuring compatibility with modern networking systems.

Market Focus and Unique Value Proposition

Our strategic focus on hazardous environment products stems from recognizing the diminishing market offerings. While some OEMs are leaving this important industry, Everight is investing and making a long term commitment to our customers. By aligning closely with market needs and developing specialized products, we ensure our solutions directly address industry challenges. We work closely with clients to understand their pain points and deliver innovative solutions.

The best products don’t come from a market study, they come from a real customer with a real problem and this was the case with the development of the POSITAL Class I Division 2 rotary encoder. A major oil and gas drilling company was upgrading their control systems to an Ethernet based protocol and needed a rotary encoder that was capable of communicating with their network while still meeting the Class I Division 2 requirements. Working with the customer to understand the application, POSITAL was able to create a design that not only met customer specs, but was a core product that could be built upon and modified to support other applications in a variety of hazardous environments. Specifically this included different cable-exit options, aluminum and stainless steel housings and a variety of communication interfaces.

Innovative Sensor Technology

Our sensors play a pivotal role in overseeing crucial processes, ensuring operational efficiency. Rather than merely preventing hazards like a release of flammable gasses, they are integral to monitoring essential mechanical motions, such as valves, gates, or conveyors, vital for various industrial operations. For instance, in a grain silo, our sensors accurately track the speed of mixers or conveyors, facilitating smooth and controlled operations. With a focus on the broader operational landscape, our technology enhances productivity across diverse sectors, including oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, and robotics.

Ensuring Customer Well-Being and Reliability

We meticulously test our sensors to endure extreme conditions while upholding precision and accuracy. Prior to shipment, each sensor undergoes exhaustive end-testing during production, backed by comprehensive quality assurance procedures. Our facility undergoes regular inspections from international regulatory agencies such as UL, CSA, and ATEX, ensuring staff proficiency and upholding the highest quality standards. Additionally, we possess test certificates from formal regulatory bodies for the product series, substantiating their reliability. The ISO9001 certification, coupled with the underlying non-contact technology of each product combine to support this.

Cutting-Edge Sensor Design and Modular Solutions

The encoders boasts cutting-edge design features specifically engineered for hazardous environments, setting a new standard in reliability and performance. Its state-of-the-art design is exemplified by its comprehensive support for various communication interfaces, a hallmark feature of POSITAL UL products. This versatility, combined with seamless integration with diverse mechanical mounting options and housing materials from POSITAL’s extensive product portfolio, ensures adaptability to unique requirements. Moreover, this modular design approach not only enhances flexibility but also serves as an economic solution, allowing users to customize and pay only for the features they need. For applications with less requirements POSITAL offers ATEX rated Zone 1 and Zone 2 options.

Future Outlook and Commitment to Innovation

Looking ahead, we’re committed to continuous innovation and customer education. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and market trends, we aim to expand our offerings of hazardous environment solutions, providing engineers with new options and keeping processes and their operators in safe working environments.

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