Food and Beverage Grade Sensors

Safety, hygiene, and accuracy are critical in food and beverage production and packaging.  While sensors can help to achieve the necessary level of accuracy and efficiency, their requirements must extend far beyond the traditional specs of resolution and communication interface.  Sensors for food and beverage applications need housings that are compatible with industry standards and can withstand high temperatures and chemical washdowns. Fortunately, Everight offers a variety of products that meet these needs. Keep reading to learn more about our available rotary, liquid level, and linear sensors for food and beverage applications.

POSITAL Stainless Steel Rotary Encoders

POSITAL’s stainless steel rotary encoders feature 316 stainless steel housings and IP68/69k rating. This allows them to withstand the cleaning procedures and high temperatures in food and beverage production. These sensors are available in either absolute or incremental for accurate rotary position sensing.

Gill 7014 Liquid Level Sensor

The Gill 7014 liquid level sensor offers maintenance-free liquid level sensing, even in thick and sticky foods. This is due to the sensor’s Teflon-like ‘FEP’ probe that prevents liquid from sticking to the probe and its unique solid-state design. This sensor also features GS liquid level software, allowing for easy setup in any tank geometry.

Positek Linear Sensors

Positek linear sensors are robust and provide accurate measurements ranging from just millimeters to nearly one meter. Their stainless steel bodies meet the temperature and chemical washdown requirements necessary for the food and beverage industry. In addition, these sensors offer a variety of different mechanical configurations, allowing you to adapt them to your specific application.

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