Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor Applications

Positek supplies a range of hydraulic cylinder position sensors that offer high-precision position monitoring in harsh environments such as industrial machinery.

Our hydraulic cylinder position sensor solutions have significant advantages;

  • They are compact making them suitable for tight spaces
  • They are robust and highly durable for use in extreme environments
  • They require no sensitive magnetic components and are immune to magnetic frequency disruption, unlike other alternatives.  
  • They use contactless technology which gives them a longer life than contacting alternatives.

Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor Applications

The most common use for our hydraulic cylinder pressure sensors is in hydraulic machines. Hydraulic Machines use incompressible liquid, the applied pressure on one end is the same as the resulting pressure on the other end.

Hydraulics is used in many applications such as industrial machines, this can include cranes in building and construction, forklifts in warehouses and dump and tipper trucks in outdoor applications. One of the most common everyday use of a hydraulic machine is in car brakes.

Cylinder position sensors can also be used in, aeroplanes, heavy-duty machinery and many types of manufacturing machinery.

Benefits of using Cylinder Position Sensors in Hydraulics

Various other types of position sensing technology could be used in hydraulic applications. Our compact cylinder position sensors are preferred due to their easy installation, shock and vibration resistance and their resistance to magnetic field disruption.

As with all of our products, our hydraulic cylinder position sensors are highly durable and can withstand various extreme environmental conditions.

Custom Made Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensors

At Positek we can custom build our cylinder position sensors. They are designed and manufactured in-house with very short lead times.

The three things to take into consideration when selecting or designing a sensor for your applications are; the required stroke length, the type of electrical output required and the required design of the sensor itself.

If you require a bespoke solution then please contact us to discuss your application.

Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensors from Positek

The most popular hydraulic cylinder sensor in our portfolio is our P100 style cylinder position sensor.

The P100 offers outstanding performance, repeatability and stability even when operating in harsh conditions. It is a highly compact sensor and well suited to applications where space is at a premium.  

The P116 is another great choice for Hydraulic Cylinder Applications. This sensor is perfect for use in internal applications where a “screwed-in” sensor may be in-practical due to space restrictions. As with all of our sensors, the P116 is extremely durable and highly accurate.

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