NASA- Robonaut 2

Case Study

Robonaut 2 (R2) is a state-of-the-art, highly dexterous anthropomorphic robot. The robot is designed to work with humans and has the ability to use the same workspace and tools.

The robot joints incorporate dual encoders for position and torque feedback while performing in a dynamic application, vibration, shocks, and wide temperature range.

Encoder Requirements

Rotary Encoder

  • Out of the basic Netzer DS product line of Absolute Position Electric Encoder™, for such applications, special outgassing materials, and housings are usually needed. 
  • Netzer’s ability to design, manufacture & test special designs.
  • Compact, low profile, lightweight & wide bore: Allowing high-level integration for a low profile arm joint design.
  • Frameless & contactless with a negligible rotor weight: No mechanical parts operating, resulting in a long-lasting operational time, introducing no extra weight & inertia (load) to the system.
  • Immune to magnetic interference: Can be very close to the frameless motor magnets.
  • High resolution 19 bit & accuracy < 0.010deg for very low speed & step moving accuracy with high repeatability of on standstill positioning of 1 count.
  • Standard digital serial interfaces, SSi, BiSS.

Product Features

  • Resistance to cosmic radiation
  • Immunity to magnetic fields
  • High precision
  • Durability

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