Part no.: POSITAL UCD – Analog

Key Features

• Voltage, Current, SSI, CANopen Interfaces

• Alternative to Siko GP09

• Up to 20mm through-hole

• Optional status LEDs

The POSITAL UCD-…-H200 series is a robust, flexible alternative to geared potentiometers such as the GP09. Rather than relying on a contact-based potentiometer, the H200 uses an internal non-contact based Hall-effect sensor. This provides not only more reliable readings, but the flexibility to scale the output range during installation.

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AKS – CANbus

  • Single or dual axis
  • 360° (single), +/- 80° (dual)
  • CANopen, SAE J1939 interface
  • Ideal for dynamic applications


POSITAL 22mm Kit Encoder

  • 17bit SSI or BiSS-C output
  • Mounting options to make easy replacement of common optical encoders
  • Compact, economical
  • Battery-free multiturn



  • Compact housing
  • CANopen and SAEJ1939 output available
  • 1m to 30m measurement range options
  • IP65


POSITAL CCD 50mm Hollow Shaft Kit Encoder

  • 50mm through hole diameter
  • Battery-freee multiturn
  • Low profile
  • Cable and connector options

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