Robust IncOders that Are Right for Your Application

Zettlex IncOders are non-contact devices for precision angle measurement. They work like a transformer, using an inductive technique. IncOders may be considered as an inductive angle encoder. IncOders are ideally suited to harsh environments – where potentiometers, optical or capacitive devices may prove unreliable.


High-reliability, Easy to Use Inductive Angle Encoder Technology

IncOders have 2 main parts – a Stator and a Rotor – each shaped like a flat ring. The large bore makes it easy to accommodate through-shafts, slip-rings, optical-fibers, pipes or cables. The Stator is powered and the Rotor is passive. The output signal from the Stator shows the true absolute angular position of the Rotor relative to the Stator without the need of any motion.

Whereas some encoders can be unreliable in harsh conditions – notably with condensation or dust – IncOders are generally unaffected by foreign matter and IP67 rated versions are available. Robust, hard-anodized aluminum alloy housings and monolithic constructions are used throughout. There are no contacting, delicate or wearing parts, so there is no need for periodic replacement, service or maintenance. In other words, IncOder angle encoders are true ‘fit and forget’ devices.


Options to Suit Your Application

IncOders are available in a wide variety of sizes and form factors, making mechanical installation and electrical integration easy. Recent additions such as the IncOder Core offer economical, low profile sensing for robotic joints and other OEM applications. A broad range from 37 to 595mm outer diameter is available, supporting applications from miniature actuators to large slip-rings. ‘Ultra’ IncOders provide improved accuracy for the most challenging applications.

Every day fire trucks, medical robots, camera gimbals, underwater UAV’s and manufacturing sites around the world rely on IncOders for precise and reliable positioning. Take a look at our Product Finder or call and speak to one of our engineering specialist today to learn how these novel sensors can benefit you.

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