Tiny Tech, Big Impact: Rotary Encoders Are a Critical Link the Agrobot Revolution

The importance of rotary encoders is no new news to Everight Position. So let’s delve into how these tiny encoders are driving the agrobot revolution:

  • Precision at Every Step: Rotary encoders provide robots with the precise positioning and control needed for tasks from automated seeding and planting to the packing of harvested crops. This ensures optimal seed depth and spacing, maximizing yield and minimizing waste.
  • Weed Warriors: Encoder-equipped robots navigate fields with pinpoint accuracy, differentiating between crops and weeds. This allows for targeted laser weed control, reducing reliance on expensive and undesirable herbicides and creating a healthier farming approach. In situations where herbicides are necessary, rather than treating an entire field, herbicides can be applied to limited areas only, saving farmers money.
  • Harvesting Finesse: Encoders enable robots to harvest and sort fruits and vegetables with a gentle touch, minimizing damage and ensuring high-quality produce. The ability to calculate position and torque is crucial for delicate crops and reduces post-harvest losses.

Harvesting sod used to be a labor and time intensive process. Now through the use of rotary encoders for the positioning of cutting blade, conveyors and stacking, sod can be harvested and placed on pallets in a fraction of the time.

The harsh agricultural environment demands robust and reliable encoders. Manufacturers are developing encoders specifically designed to withstand dust, moisture, and vibrations, ensuring uninterrupted operation in the field. Where needed, options exist made from food-grade 316 stainless steel, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Miniature rotary encoder such as the Netzer DS-25 are ideal for use in grippers and other agricultural robotics due to their compact size and high resolution.

As the agricultural robotics market flourishes, the demand for high-performance rotary encoders will soar. These tiny workhorses are the invisible force behind precise movements, efficient operations, and a more sustainable future for agriculture.

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