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Wiegand Effect Energy Harvesting

The “Wiegand effect” was discovered almost fifty years ago and has been used successfully in several specialized applications. However, its full potential for energy harvesting and signal generation has received only limited recognition. With recent enhancements to the energy output from Wiegand devices and the emergence of a new generation of ultra-efficient electronic chips for wireless communications, the technology is showing significant promise, especially in the exciting new area of the Internet of Things (IoT). UBITO, a member of the FRABA Group of technology companies, is leading research and development projects aimed at fulfilling this promise.

The potential applications for Weigand technology is broad. Applications include:

  • Self-sufficient IoT nodes
  • Self-powered sensors
  • Turns counters such as water and gas meters and multiturn rotary encoders
  • Non-contact sensing such as tachometers

Learn more by reading the Wonderful Wiegand Wire White Paper here: https://www.ubito.com/media/posital_media/documents/flyer_wiegand_sensor/2022_Wiegand_Techology_e-Whitepaper.pdf or reach out directly to Everight Position!

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