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NetzerUSA.com – Your Resource for Innovative Rotary Encoders

Everight Position, a leading resource for rotary encoders is excited to announce the launching of NetzerUSA.com , an online resource dedicated to empowering control engineers in the United States. As an Authorized Distributor for Netzer Precision for the past 15 years, Everight Position is a trusted partner with an extremely deep understanding of the Netzer Electric Encoder technology. Having worked side by side with customers in medical devices, robotics, defense and vision systems, Everight brings unrivaled practical application experience to each application, big and small, one time or OEM.

“Establishing NetzerUSA.com will provide customers with a convenient, one-stop resource to learn about Netzer rotary encoders, discuss sensor integration and obtain pricing and lead time information,” states George David, President of Everight Position. “NetzerUSA.com’s goal is to respond to every inquiry with actionable information. Engineers don’t want to wait until tomorrow for responses. They need to make decisions today.”

NetzerUSA.com’s mission extends beyond merely providing a sensor’s datasheet. In addition to real time technical support, Everight provides commercial support for shipping, customs and other issues.  As a NIST800.171 compliant organization, Everight is unique in its ability to work on projects related to the Federal Government and its prime contractors.

Right Products + Right Support = Successful Integration

This know-how combined with new product releases from Netzer Precision makes for an exciting time. From the miniature DS-16 to the expanded VLP product line which includes options up to 247mm outer diameter, control engineers have more solutions than ever. That said, more options often means more questions, so don’t be shy and give us a call to discuss your application in more detail.

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