4223 Low weight, high performance fuel level sensor

Part no.: 4223

Key Features

• High accuracy (1%)

• 5 different bolt and thread mounting options

• Voltage output

• Ideal for fuel and other liquids

The Gill 4223 liquid level sensor is a lightweight, solid-state capacitive liquid level sensor available in an almost unlimited combination of length and mounting arrangements, all delivered in short lead times. It is compatible with a wide range of liquids and is able to operate in high temperatures.

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7010 316 Stainless steel for fuel, chemical and other liquid level measurements

  • 5 bolt SAE, BSPP or UNF mounting options
  • Voltage or current output
  • Stainless housing ideal for chemical, fuel and water applications


1612 Legacy product, for existing customers only.

  • Legacy product
  • SAE 5 bolt mounting
  • Voltage output
  • Ideal for salt water, coolant, acids and chemical-based liquids


7014 A solid state sensor with no channels or holes to clog. Ideal for water, waste water, slurries and acrylics.

  • Unique solid state, no channel design
  • 5 bolt SAE or BSPP mounting options
  • Voltage, current or resistive output
  • Reliable sensing in water based liquids and slurries.