Sensors As Tough as You Are

If your environment is dirty, hot, wet, or corrosive your requirements may have some similarities with that of the construction industry. Fortunately, demand from construction equipment and off-highway manufacturers, big and small alike, has motivated sensor manufacturers to develop new products that not only provide accurate measurements but in a package that ensures reliable sensing for years to come. A few products that do just that are highlighted below:

Rotary Encoders: POSITAL’s UCD rotary encoders are available with IP68/69k environmental protection and stainless steel housings. A non-contact Hall-sensor based measurement combined with a battery-free, gear-free multiturn option ensures longterm reliability regardless of shock and vibration. SAE J1939 and analog interfaces make for easy integration.

For applications requiring higher accuracy or through-hole mechanics, Zettlex IncOders are an excellent option. Read more here.

Linear Sensors: Positek sensors support a broad range of linear measurements, from in-cylinder for hydraulics to high pressure submersible and even hazardous and intrinsically safe applications. Built on Positek’s own PIPS inductive technology, these sensors offer many of the same benefits of an LVDT, but in a more compact packaging and with a traditional analog voltage or 4-20mA output.

Fuel/Water Level Sensors: The Gill 7010  is a rugged stainless steel sensor ideal for challenging environments. With different mounting options and lengths for measurements in tanks up to 7’ deep, the 7010 is a versatile as it is robust. Furthermore getting up and running is easy thanks to the GS Level software that comes with every Gill liquid level sensor.

Take a look at our Product Finder or call and speak to one of our engineering specialists today to learn how these novel sensors can benefit you.

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